If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours.

Dolly Parton

Beaming Brandwood is a 12 month project which aims to raise smiles and cheer within our Brandwood neighbourhood communities, with creative projects and reasons to bring people together. 

It has been scientifically proven that smiling can help you live a longer and happier life and with the current cost of living crisis as well as an ongoing recovery from the pandemic, we all need opportunities which help us feel happier, and feeling connected to other people in the community can help achieve this. People flourish when they are having fun! 

There are four strands to our programme at the moment – crafting, woodworking, activities which promote being physically and socially active and laughing together at a community pop up film event.

A Good Yarn

Evening yarn & textile-based craft sessions aimed at retired people and people approaching retirement (age 50+). Priority to Brandwood residents.

Meet up with crafters of all experience and abilities to create cheer and raise smiles around Brandwood neighbourhoods. 

The Reclaim Game

Evening woodworking project for retired people and people approaching retirement (age 50+).  Priority to Brandwood residents.

Join a team of local residents to make large scale outdoor games from reclaimed wood for community use. It’s going to be fun making them, and fun for others to play them!

It's a Cracker (trail!)

For some festive fun our Good Yarners group have some together to create a family-friendly walking, cycling and running post box topper trail to enjoy over the school holidays. There will be jokes along the way! This is the first of a series of activities/trails being co-designed with local people which use laughter as an incentive for encouraging people to be physically and socially more active. More details to follow.

Laughing together

With thanks to funding from the CoOp Dividend Fund will be running some low cost community comedy movie events in Brandwood which will have us laughing out loud! 

These film event ‘pop ups’ will be part of our Beaming Brandwood programme.