Connecting our community with flower power and making people smile!

These resources are here to guide and inspire your FLOWER POWER themed creations, but make any flower-themed arts and crafts that you want to display as part of the BRANDWOOD OUTDOOR GALLERY between 28 July-8 August. Let's give the city something to talk about during the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022!

Scroll down for flower yarn-winding tutorials, some inspirational crochet and knit patterns and a branded frame for your Brighten Up Brandwood flower artwork to display in a window if you want to use it.

We’d love to see pictures of your artwork to add to our online gallery and please also tag us on social media #BrightenUpBrandwood @ourscenecic so we can showcase your work.


These yarn wildflowers are all designed to be quick and easy to learn and to make, but we have ranked them from most simple to slightly more tricky. 

You will need yarn, cardboard, scissors, a ruler/tape measure and a needle (with a big eye for yarn).


The basic flower head. Small and quick. Involves winding, knotting and a couple of stitches.

Watch Tutorial

Mini Forget-me-nots

The basic small flower head. Slightly more tricky because you have to be gentle with your decoration.

Watch Tutorial

Daisies & Poppies

The basic flower head but bigger and with two different widths to stitch together.

Watch Tutorial

Cornflowers & dandelions

Little bit more fiddly as you attach a bud-sepal and do some wool cutting – but nothing you can’t handle!

Watch Tutorial

The yarn wildflower resources above were designed and made by Suze from Our Scene CIC as a volunteer on the project.

Knitting patterns

Here are a few free patterns available on the internet to get your started. These have been researched and tested by Valerie (images above also knitted by Valerie).

Fabric flower

Sew Marvellous volunteers have tested this YouTube tutorial to make fabric flowers. 

Branded Frame

Want to paint, draw or stick flower designs into a Brighten Up Brandwood frame?


Here you go! Just print, be creative and display in your window as part of the Brandwood Gallery during the Games.


Download & print (sized to A4)