A cafe to serve the community

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Do you support the idea of regenerating a unit into a café to serve the community?
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What might that look like to you?

What are your ideas, thoughts or concerns?

2 thoughts on “chatty-cafe

  1. Time for the council to give up on tinpot, no use projects and spend our tax money on what the majority of the constituents really need and want. The proposed area for this cafe haven’t had a coat of paint or a tidy up of the frontage areas in decades. Councillors are only interested in the city centre and couldn’t care less about the suburbs.

  2. I am appalled that the previous business, a cafe which went out of its way to be a community hub was forced to close because the unit was so rotten with damp and mould issues. The council could have maintained the unit properly instead it forced her out of business and now talk about opening a business on the same place as if it was a new idea. Agree that this community definitely needs a space and it’s a great idea but the mould problem needs to be properly treated otherwise don’t bother!

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