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10 thoughts on “cinder-path

  1. It’s a convenient pathway but is neglected and used as a dumping ground.
    At times I have taken my tools to clear the path of overhanging branches and overgrown weeds.
    The car dumping ground outside the first house you pass on Dawberry Road is an eyesore and also takes over the public grass verge.
    A delight for drug users and shifty individuals during the day but especially at night when a torch and dose of courage are required.
    As an alternative short cut to avoid Dawberry Fields Park or the longer route via Doversley Rd it would be perfect if cleaned up, lit up and fitted out with some bins for those dog owners not wishing to carry their dogs poo bags for a mile to the next bin.

  2. Having to walk through that path with a bunch of flies and dog poo on the floor is absolutely revolting i hate having to walk through there but it’s a very convenient shortcut. We would need all the bushes and greenery pushed/cut away and a more cleaner and clearer pathway. Lights would also be very convenient so see when it gets darker quicker. It needs to be sorted out ASAP we can’t have people walking through there it’s unsafe

  3. This hallway needs to be removed as a college student I feel unsafe walking along here. There needs to be another path to walk, putting a bin and light shouldn’t be an option because should not be a reasonable safe path to get to the bus stop. Every time I have to walk through here I’m anxious.

  4. We need more lighting and and actual doorway and a cleaner and clearer way to walk through. Have to walk through here to go to work and to get the bus and it can definitely be scary at times especially if dark outside.

  5. More Lighting, proper pavement slabs , regular maintenance, clearing away of shrubs and trees overhanging branches and also cleanliness hygiene due to dog poo everywhere. It has also become a dumping site for rubbish & graffiti. If it is welcoming public will use it more but in its current state it is like a nightmare on elm Street alley.

  6. A proper footpath is required with more lighting and clearing away of the overgrown trees and shrubs.

  7. Would be great to have more lighting, less overgrown making a clearer pathway. My family use this alley at least once a week, usually more.

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