QR codes are magic for inquisitive minds. If you have joined us mid-quest, head to The Brandwood Centre (157 Allens Croft Rd, B14 6RP) to start from the beginning. 

Glaina: Ok, let’s see if we can find the wand of light here.

Steve: Sup, are you looking for that thing too?

Glaina: You know about the artifact?

Steve: Yeah, some wizard named Evix came here earlier looking for something. I told them to head in that direction. I heard something is in a shop or something there.

Glaina: A wizard’s shop!?

Steve: Not anymore. I hear it got turned into another corner shop dude.



Glaina: Thanks for your help, we are heading there now. Umm where is it?

Steve: I don’t know dude. I think you’ll have to work for it! Try unscrambling that word. 

Glaina: Well, thanks. If it’s not the artefact this time, it might be a clue to where we are going next.

Steve: Right on.

Rearrange the letters to make a word.

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