A Blue Print for Neighbourhood Action
Brandwood & Kings Heath Ward

Example of blue and white outdoor printed ‘interventions’ to hang in relevant spaces using residents’ words, hopes and dreams – taken from future community-led Neighbourhood Action Plan.

The neighbourhood's hopes and dreams for the King Dawberry alley.

Ideas for far for making the alley a safer and cleaner space:

  • cutting back trees to increase light
  • Increase lighting – triggered by movement sensors
  • Fundraise to install a security camera linked to the police station to monitor anti-social behaviour, drug dealing, persistent dog owners who do not pick up dog mess and fly tipping into surrounding wasteland
  • Fundraise for youth (or similar) worker to engage positively with young people using the alley for anti-social behaviour
  • Implement Public Spaces Protection Order in the alley and surrounding area and increase police monitoring 
  • Create an adopt the alley scheme for regular litter picking
  • Fix or mitigate risk from tree roots lifting pavement
  • Create artwork to enliven the ally and make it awesome rather than alienating!

Vote now to prioritise this neighbourhood improvement!

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