QR codes are magic for inquisitive minds. You have joined us at the end of our quest – don’t read on… SPOILER ALERT! Instead, head to The Brandwood Centre (157 Allens Croft Rd, B14 6RP) to start from the beginning. 

Glaina: It’s time to defeat Evix.

Evix: Ah, so you’re here to stop me! I may not have the dark stone, but I am more than strong enough to defeat you.


Glaina: We’ll see about that. 

Glaina: Oh yes, we did it! Thanks to your help we have defeated an evil wizard. The world is safe thanks to us. What should we do now our quest is over?



We hope you enjoyed your walk.

Fancy a walk on the dark side another time? If you want to switch to Team Villain start at The Brandwood Centre and follow a different route and quest.

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