Everyone who supports our work financially is buying into our social mission to help people build their connections for happier lives within our Brandwood neighbourhoods

Buying into our social mission


We are hugely grateful to Birmingham City Council and the team at the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Network Scheme for funding our 2022 start up projects.


We charge a small amount for people to participate in activity sessions – usually £3 per person, even if we have received grant funding for the project. 

For this £3 you’ll get tea and biscuits, as well as some great company and a couple of hours worth of activity and in most cases, the materials you need as well.

Over the year this small ‘pot’ of income contributes to costs such as our website hosting, accountant and printer ink! (We are a not for profit company, but have operating costs like any other business!) 

As paying customers for activities you are supporting our social mission to reduce social isolation in our Brandwood neighbourhoods.

Buy gift & pre-paid activity vouchers

Enjoy coming to our activity sessions?

Why not ask a family member or friend to buy you a book of ‘vouchers’ as a gift. You can redeem them instead of cash!

Or, never have the cash, why not buy pre-paid vouchers instead!

Each £3 voucher entitles the user to a free hot drink and a couple of biscuits as well as the activity session. 

Please note, vouchers can only be redeemed on projects that are currently running and if there are places available (But, don’t worry, they won’t run out as long as we are still operating and running projects).

Get in touch using this form. We'll send you bank transfer details when we confirm your order.

Would you like to 'Pay it Forward'?

Money givers

Our Scene CIC is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. To start with we will rely on grants to be able to run projects and activities, but we need to also build our own reserves so we can run activities without them.

Simply put. If we have more, we can do more!

We are currently raising funds to help us get closer to our dream of transforming an empty retail unit in Brandwood into a workshop-venue-meeting place for regular creative & community build activities.  In the Our Scene Shop local people will be able to come together to design, build and decorate themed ‘scenes’ inside the space. This changeable scenery will then become the backdrop for private parties as well as community events. Imagine an enchanted forest for little ones, a gaming café for teenagers or a 1970s-themed sitting room or alpine ski lodge for the grown ups! What would be ‘your scene’?

Our aim is to create a space where we can run regular creative and woodworking activity sessions, for people of all ages. We will also hire out the space so people can run other types of activities.

Yes, there will be huge amounts of tea drinking and cake eating, but most importantly we will be able to provide regular opportunities for people to connect with new people and offer a ‘change of scenery’ for those who need one, reducing social isolation in the area.

If this ‘shop’ doesn’t materialise, our social mission will continue!! All funds raised will go into running community ‘build’ projects and activities – we’ll just deliver them in local venues instead.

Any support you can give will help us get one step closer to realising our aims, and will be gratefully received. We will pay it forward, just like you.

Time givers

We will be offering volunteering opportunities in the future. Hang tight and keep checking in! 

Or, if you are really keen, please get in touch: team@ourscene.org