QR codes are magic for inquisitive minds. You have joined us at the end of our quest – don’t read on… SPOILER ALERT! Instead, head to The Brandwood Centre (157 Allens Croft Rd, B14 6RP) to start from the beginning. 

Evix: Now I have the Dark Stone, here will be the beginning of our empire.

Glaina: We’ll see about that.

Evix: You cannot stop me I have the Dark Stone and with it the power to rule this world...

Glaina: What have you done?

Evix: Now I have defeated my enemy I will take over this world. You have done well to help me adventurer. I hope you continue to do so.



We hope you enjoyed your walk on the dark side. Your choice meant you walked an additional 15 mins than team Hero! 😉

Fancy a walk in the shoes of a hero another time? If you want to switch to Team Hero start at The Brandwood Centre and follow a different route and quest.

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