Neighbourhood Matters

Our Scene CIC has been commissioned by Birmingham City Council to support the delivery of projects identified as priorities within the Ward Plans of Brandwood & Kings Heath and Billesley Wards in partnership with the Neighbourhood Development & Support Unit.


During the whole of 2023 we will be working with local councillors, residents, community groups, stakeholders and partners, the police and council services within these wards to shape, coordinate and deliver a selection of environmental improvement projects which find solutions for some of the issues and concerns identified by residents around the way our streets look and ‘low level’ community safety. We will also run a variety of projects and activities which seek ways to improve the quality of life for people through increased access to and activities in our wonderful green spaces.

Our work will align with the strategic priorities set out in the new (currently draft) Ward Plans (2022-2026) which have been informed by people who live and work within the respective wards.

Of course, throughout all of this we will also be doing what we love to do best – connecting people! We will explore ways of bringing together and showcasing all the brilliant voluntary and community-led organisations and assets across the wards to increase the collective capacity of the third sector and help mobilise a few more residents along the way to get involved with their activities.

Our first step will be to engage with residents, groups and stakeholders to help co-design the way the selection of projects identified in the Ward Plans are delivered and also build capacity and help administer small grants for local groups to achieve their own outcomes under the following themes: 


Connect with Us!

If you have ideas or comments or want to get involved, please contact Suze by email:

A bold Green ward

A bold safe ward

A bold prosperous ward

A bold healthy ward

It all sounds a bit vague at the moment, because we only started on 9 January! Here’s a flavour of what’s coming up…

Starting January...


delivery plans

Between April-

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