Door Huggers

Practical action and gifts of kindness

We wanted to do something practical to help people during the energy crisis and also reuse the wonderful crochet and knitted flowers made by the lovely crafters for the Brighten Up Brandwood yarn bomb. 

We’ve been making ‘door huggers!’ AKA draft excluders. A really effective way of blocking off drafts under doors and keeping the heat in your room.

Suze has made over 150 so far and flowers are now cheerful decorations on many.  Brandwood resident Karen also made a batch of 12. These door huggers were donated to:

  • Brandwood Centre visitors during Warmer Days and Nights launch (39)
  • Elim Pentecostal Church on Allens Croft Road for their hampers for the vulnerable (20)
  • Kings Heath Food Bank (34)
  • Kinmos mental health charity (30) 

The rest have been gifted to Brandwood residents through our own Good Yarners and Chatty Chatty Brum Brum initiatives.

Inspired by the scheme, the craft group at The Brandwood Centre have been making them to give out to families during their Warmer Days and Nights initiative over the winter.

Thank you to Shirley for donating so much material and fillings have come from The Scrapstore Birmingham and from donators who have responded to our social media call out for fillers.


If anyone would like to join us and make some ‘door huggers’ to give away through local Brandwood and Kings Heath groups and charities, please get in touch with Suze on 07726 230798 or email

If you have thick material, cushion fillers, bean bags polysterine or duvets to spare, we can use them! Please get in touch.