Have you noticed on an aerial map how the design of the pathways in this park creates a snail shape?

Whether you race to the middle of the snail’s swirl to admire the view or stroll at a snail’s pace, enjoy some exercise, fresh air and nature in your lovely Kingston Hill Local Park.

Access Information

There are multiple entrances to the park and off road parking on much of the perimeter.

The Swirly Snail Trail starts by taking the left path before the Children’s Play Area near the Kingston Road entrance (B9 4JB).

The pathway is tarmac. The path swirls around a hill, and while not steep, expect gradient changes.

As you spend time along the Swirly Snail Trail, 12 snails have either a challenge, facts or joke for you to enjoy! Match the different snails as you physically find them on trees or click on their images at intervals of your choosing along the route if they are not visible. Each snail will give you a letter which you’ll need to solve the 12 letter anagram at the end! Good luck.

Our Scene CIC was commissioned to create the Swirly Snail Activity Trail by Birmingham Open Spaces Forum as part of their City of Nature Project in Kingston Hill Local Park. Thank you to Birmingham City Council for funding the project through a Neighbourhood Action Coordination grant.

Please leave us some feedback on the Swirly Snail Trail and your time in the park.

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