Our Values

At Our Scene CIC the following values (and approaches) are at the heart of our activities and projects to maximise community benefit.

It's all about the fun

As a business we do not align with any political, religious or ideological viewpoints. We want people to have fun and feel the benefits that belonging to a wider social group within their neighbourhood can bring. 

Everyone is welcome

We are inclusive and will adapt the way we involve people, so anyone who wants to can take part and contribute.

We are also committed to delivering projects which celebrate diversity within our neighbourhoods and foster a sense of belonging. 

We will not accept any form of hate or oppression within our spaces or projects.

Collaborative communities

Our projects and activities aim to mobilise participation within the Brandwood area for the benefit of the wider community. People from different cultures, age groups, neighbourhoods and of different abilities will be encouraged to work towards a common goal and with shared purpose to increase social cohesion and to build community spirit. If many people do a little bit, we can achieve great things together.

We are scene setters, connectors & enablers

We will set the scene for people to connect to other people with shared interests, recognising that individuals within a group have skills and talents to continue momentum without our support. We aim to ‘enable and empower’ and help people build their own communities of interest.

Measuring our social impact

As a social enterprise working for the benefit our most local communities, we measure our social impact and how well we are doing against the following outcomes:

People feel more connected and less isolated within their local neighbourhood.

People feel happier living within their local neighbourhood.

People are more active in, and contributing more to, their local neighbourhood.