HAPPINESS IS... a dog and a book

Perhaps an usual pairing initially, however a dog and a book are different types of escapism.

When out walking with the dog I feel a sense of calm. It’s a necessary part of being a dog owner and an excuse to go out and exercise. So often people become introverted  but taking the dog for a walk allows you to meet people and reintegrate into society. Reading on the other hand, is an entirely different form of escapism. When delving into a story you are transported to other worlds where you may go on a thrilling adventure or find yourself lost in a hallway of a haunted house. Reading is a vital part of my self- care routine. Curling up in a reading nook is a wonderful way to switch off from the world. We hope this topper brings you a little happiness as you pass by. 

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Ever think that If puppies never grew old and every street had a puppy to share, the world would be a happier place?


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