Enjoy being out and about in the fresh air? Need a little entertainment to encourage others on your walk, run or cycle? 

Then we’ve got the Activity Trail for you in Dawberry Fields Park!

This web-based trail leads you around the wheel-friendly paths in the Park in a Figure of Eight Loop and suggests smile-making activities while you exercise on your own, with your family or in a group.

You can also download and print the trail if you prefer a non-digital way to move around the park.

Walk in the direction of the arrows on the map.

There are 8 benches along the route. Stop at each one.

Each bench has a webpage with activities, jokes and facts and a link to move you to the next bench's page.

The map below is on each page too.

There are three start and end points to the Figure of Eight Loop.

The entrance at the bottom of Dawberry Fields Road (B14 6PG)


The entrance at the top of Shalnecote Grove 

(B14 6NN)


The entrance on Brandwood Park Road 

(B14 6QR)


Wherever you start, the benches follow in this order: red, purple, lilac, green, silver, brown, pink, blue, red.

If you enjoy yourself, please share on social media to encourage others to have a go at the trail.


This project is part of our Laughter Lines project funded by Sport England through the Active Communities programme. It is part of our Beaming Brandwood themed work in 2023.

Thank you to the Friends of Dawberry Fields Park for the collaboration.