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Take a couple of minutes to look at the trees. Did you know that numerous studies show that simply sitting looking at trees reduces blood pressure as well as stress-related hormones!

The cemetery was landscaped into sections with tree-lined avenues and many of the evergreen trees date back to the very beginnings of the cemetery over 120 years ago. You’ll find Scots Pine, Cypress and Wellingtonia (Redwood) varieties in the older parts of the cemetery. Deciduous trees include the Horse Chestnut, Beech, Hornbeam, Poplar and Oak.

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about a time spent in nature where you have felt happy.

Move on to the next bench (153m) (167 yrds)

Go back to the previous junction, turn right and head towards the Main Drive. See the Chapels? Head to them and walk to the right of the Chapels until you reach the next bench (on your right.) 

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Please note, if you turn right to go deeper in to the cemetery, the first bench you will find is on the island. It is 160m one way.

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