QR codes are magic for inquisitive minds. If you have joined us mid-quest, head to The Brandwood Centre (157 Allens Croft Rd, B14 6RP) to start from the beginning. 

Glaina: Hi. You came! Welcome to team hero. We are currently waiting for someone. They are said to be an animal so wise they gained the ability to think and speak like a human. I cannot wait to see what majestic creature this person could be. And, from what I have heard about them, if there is anyone who can help, it will be this person.”

The Wise Rat: Hey! I’m The Wise Rat I ‘ear you were lookin’ for me?

Glaina: Hi. You’re the wisest animal on the planet?

The Wise Rat: Yeah, that’s right. How can I help ya?

Glaina: We are looking for the Wand of Light in order to defeat the Evil Evix.


The Wise Rat: Yeah, I don’t know where it is. But be careful, from what I ‘ear this Evix is a real bin bag. Have a go at solving this puzzle to continue your quest.

Glaina: Thanks so much for your help. Let’s see if we can unlock the clue to where we go next. Onwards!!!

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