Enjoy a short stroll around Brandwood End Cemetery

Cemeteries have always been a great place to take leisurely exercise and for calm and reflection and it’s ok to feel happy in a place associated with death and sadness.

Have a go at this small curated Rest & Reflect (R&R) Trail around part of the cemetery:

  • Benches at regular intervals to take a breather
  • Follow a prompt for light hearted-reflection
  • Enjoy on your own or with others

This trail takes in only a small part of the cemetery and has been co-designed with members of the community with mobility challenges to test for accessibility and provide information in advance. Despite there being around 130 benches across the 53 acre site, not every section has one. Continue reading for access information.

You can also download and print the trail if you prefer a non-digital way to move around the cemetery.

Begin the trail at the bench closest to The Lodge.

Follow the trail in the direction of the arrows on the map - you'll end up doing a loop and arriving back at the start bench.

At each bench there is a R&R prompt and an interesting fact or information and a link to move you to the next bench's page.

If you enjoy yourself, please share on social media to encourage others to have a go at the trail.


Access & Terrain

Getting there

The main cemetery entrance is on Woodthorpe Road, Kings Heath, B14 6EQ, and served by the no.18 bus route.

The start of the trail is 200m (218 yrds) from the bus stop. 

Parking is allowed in the cemetery, including at the start and end of the trail.

The Terrain

The route is flat and tarmacked throughout, although some
surfaces are slightly uneven. The section between bench 2 and 3 contains a hard
but muddy top surface. Most benches are set into grass slightly off the path.
Please be aware of uneven surfaces around them. 


Majority route

Bench 2-3


Toilets are located by the Lodge at the beginning and end of the trail. The accessible toilet requires a radar key.

This project is part of our Laughter Lines project funded by Sport England through the Active Communities programme. It is part of our Beaming Brandwood themed work in 2023.

Thank you to the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery for the collaboration.