Welcome to The Great Quest of Brandwood! 

Your quest is to find a magical artefact around Brandwood and defeat your enemy in a battle. There are a few stops and challenges along the way.​


You will find QR codes (and web URLs) along the route in windows or on buildings/trees. At each stop point on the Quest you will unlock clues to the next location. 

The route is accessible and follows pavements. Please use crossings and traffic lights to cross roads for your own safety.

First, you and your group need to choose which team to be
on – team hero or team villain – you can’t be both! 

Watch the films below to help you decide. Which team will you choose?

“Welcome great heroes. My name is Glaina and I’d like to welcome you to our great quest. If you choose to join me we will search the great neighbourhood of Brandwood for the power to defeat the evil wizard Evix. It will be great! 

I’ll need your help to search for the Wand of Light.” 

“Hello adventurer. I am Evix the future ruler of this land. Somewhere in old Brander End there is an artefact capable of giving me great power. I will use the power to conquer this area and then conquer the world!

Become one of my lieutenants and together you will help me find the dark stone.”

Think hard and choose your leader wisely. You will need to decide at the next point in the quest.

You are here.

To move forward in your quest, this is the location you are looking for:

Here’s how to get there!

(With your back to the Brandwood Centre) turn left and go up the hill. Keep going until you see the next place to stop on your right. Carefully cross the road.

Find QR codes for Team Hero and Team Villain in the shop window to help you on your quest.

If the QR code is missing, unlock your quest using the buttons below:

See you again soon!

Thank you to the project funders